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November 21st, 2008

More plastic for the planet

Ugh… when you find out that polymers can actually interact with medical samples, such as enzymes and tissues and the like, it makes me wonder why we’re so comfortable eating food out of similar substances, or weaving it into our clothes.  Clearly it affects our GOSH DARN BIOCHEMISTRY… but obviously I forget that ”it’s so cheap to make!”

 Well, yeah.  The costs aren’t in production. The costs are in our health, and the integrity of scientific process.  In fact, we can’t even study the effects of plastic on our biochems unless we study them out of glass instruments.

 Ugh. Ugh. Have a happy weekend, I’m nauseous. Ugh.

2 Responses to “More plastic for the planet”

  1. Delco Says:

    First, I feel the rage. Second, you’re awesome.

  2. PukinRainbows Says:

    Cheap way to get huuge breasts without an surgery … Bisphenol A !

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