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October 17th, 2008

Pope of Steel

Wow guys, super busy with a SCIENCE LECTURE project I’m working on… I ain’t got time fer strips.  So this SKETCHY MOMENTS IN HISTORY will have to suffice for a few days.

 It was recently revealed by his top aide that a year after Pope John Paul II had been shot, a “crazed ultra-conservative Spanish priest” stabbed the poor Pope.  But the Pope, he took that lickin’ and continued on his journeys, speeding around the world through the air like a bullet.

 But alas, invincibility does not guarantee immortality, and so the good Pope passed away thirteen years later, to be supplanted by Pope Brainiac XVI. Records are spotty when Dominion ended, but historians speculate either Archbishop Logan of Canada or Archbishop Bruce of Gotham succeeded him. 

 UPDATE: Thanks for Dr. Lars Chittka for e-mailing me across the entire Atlantic after inspiring a comic about honeybee/robot-spider research. Glad you liked it, Doc!

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  1. Linas Says:

    I love these Ariau. Keep of the awesome work!

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