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October 10th, 2008

Angry Angry Macrophages

Phew, okay, I’m no endocrinologist, but I think I conveyed what goes on when a macrophage goes psycho due to too much fat around.  However, I shall elaborate with text ‘n links, so you can double check my work. Let’s start with vocab.

So macrophages, our white blood cells, are what zoom around in our bodies, killing invaders and keeping us healthy. Insulin is a hormone that allows our body cells to get glucose (magic energy sugar) from our blood.  If something goes wrong with our insulin, we get diabetes, and have to either get insulin shots, or do heavy metabolic conditioning through diet and lifestyle changes.

 Now, people with obesity have much larger chances of getting diabetes.  Studies revealed that somehow macrophages that work the fat tissue beat sometimes get “angry” and flood the area, causing inflammation in the fat areas, as well as increasing insulin resistance.  Docs have found a way to target the macrophages in obese mice, and in doing so, undo insulin resistance.

 Phew! Anthropomorphizing that was rough! At least you got to see a white blood cell choke a bitch, if you’ll pardon my french.

Oct 13 UPDATE: Big thanks to Dr. Pingping Li and Dr. David Patsouris at U of C, San Diego, for reading my comic which their work helped inspire! Dr. Patsouris even caught an error in my dialogue, so I’ve fixed it up to make sure my science is true.

3 Responses to “Angry Angry Macrophages”

  1. shom Says:

    Haha… I love when white blood cells choke bitches… I count on them doing exactly that whenever I am sick!

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  3. PukinRainbows Says:

    Omg >_> those fat cells look so cute .. with their big fat smiley face uû

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