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July 4th, 2008

Happy Colonial Revolt Day!

It’s 113 degrees on what used to be Independence Day in the American Republic of Dominion’s Middle and Height, when one set of Masters celebrated their independence from another set of Masters, and then proceeded to become the Masters of the world for a good while until a number of other Masters in other nations advanced through roaring economic development and cancerous population swelling, causing the Masters of the American Republic to depend ever more on their draconian, short-sighted economic developments until they erupted in the Titor Civil Wars.

Even in the darkest times before the actual Collapse, the Americans still drank beer ‘n lemonade, and grilled mammal meat of indeterminate origin while things blew up in the sky.

 Some cyanide compounds taste like almonds!  In fact, the original wild ‘bitter’ almonds were extremely toxic to just eat raw.  The folks of Dominion’s Dawn processed it out and painstakingly bred almonds to their current low-levels of toxicity.

Hmm… there’s an old joke to be had with almonds…. maybe i’ll whip that one up.

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