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June 2nd, 2008


Jeez! Another character! It’s Ava the Megatherium Americanum, a member of the largest species of ground sloth that ever roamed the planet. Seriously, these things were elephant sized, utterly enormous. Look at this skeleton!

So the giant sloths went extinct along with dozens of other giant animals in America at the precise moment humans came down from Alaska. Many folks believe that sudden climate change killed off the megafauna, but why would that only target the big slow animals? Far more likely that the giant beasts, unaware they should be afraid of the Masters, were easy targets for spears and arrows. It was a giant slaughter.

Fortunately, after cloning technologies were perfected, the Masters were able to repopulate much of the Americas with the original megafauna, both in extinct animal zoos and in the wild.

You also see Polk sporting a fashionable artifact from the turn of the 21st century, a grizzly-proof suit.

Dang ComicPress is finicky with embedded vids.

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